The application of design trends and unique approach makes the Scoops brand modern and eye-catching

Scoops, a mobile food truck, delights in serving unique ice creams and nostalgic desserts that evoke the joys of childhood. Our task was to craft a complete brand experience, encompassing logo, business materials, digital signage, and foundational visuals. Inspired by carefree summer vibes and palm-lined beach walks, we designed a motif that resonates

throughout. Every brand element resonates with Scoops' values, from our carefully chosen typography to the tropical palm leaf pattern. Complemented by a fitting color palette and distinctive elements, this design empowers Scoops to stand out and build a strong identity.

"Amazing, highly professional, and affordable design service. Highly recommend, and I will definitely be using it again in the future."

— Amy Brown, Scoops

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