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Our passion for design and dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions make us your go-to digital design agency. From the moment you step into our world, you'll embark on a journey filled with modern and functional wonders tailor-made just for you - our cherished clients.

Our love for crafting unique wonders has been embedded in our DNA from the very beginning, growing stronger with each passing year. Today, that same unwavering passion drives us to create masterpieces that empower brands to conquer the market and soar to new heights.


We are the architects of high-performing websites, captivating mobile apps, and iconic brand identities that transcend time. Our multidimensional strategies redefine directions and unlock previously untapped opportunities for our clients, setting them on a path to success. In our creative realm, inspiration knows no bounds as we draw from various spheres to curate projects that leave a lasting impression.

Not only do our designs catch your eye, but they also reside in your memory, making an indelible mark. Specializing in professional design services, we position your company's name above the competition in today's cutthroat market. Our expertise extends across the UK and the globe, uniting with visionary companies and individuals.


Our portfolio speaks volumes, boasting high-performing websites, stunning apps, timeless logos, and an array of captivating design services. From product catalogs and brochures to cutting-edge packaging and business stationery, we deliver excellence at every turn.

Magdalena Heciak Founder / Creative Director / Graphic Designer

Magdalena is a creative director, awarded graphic designer and an illustrator. She has graduated from the Cambridge School of Art in the United Kingdom. She works at the intersection of uniqueness, creativity, a well-thought strategy and commercial understanding. She firmly believes in the power of design that drives innovation and loves nurturing ideas that lead to beautiful and intelligent outcomes. Her favourite part of the job is the moment of finding an unexpected, yet perfect solution for a client.


She specialises in many forms of graphic design for both online and print platforms working across a broad range of materials from branding, advertising, art direction, web and print design. Her output consists of well-crafted work that is meaningful, provocative, and often unique in its clever ability to connect with the audience.


Magdalena has an eye for detail, she's creative and she always strives for the best result for her clients, even the most demanding ones.


When she doesn't design, she'll go travelling to interact with new people, cultures and to power up her creative soul.


Meet Magdalena, founder of Studio Contrast, the visionary creative director, and a talented graphic designer. Her journey began at the prestigious Cambridge School of Art in the United Kingdom, where she honed her craft and ignited her passion for design.

At the heart of Magdalena's approach lies a harmonious blend of uniqueness, creativity, strategic acumen, and a profound understanding of the commercial landscape. She firmly believes that design is the catalyst for innovation, and she thrives on nurturing ideas that blossom into beautiful and intelligent outcomes. For her, the true magic lies in uncovering unexpected yet perfect solutions for her clients, making each project an exquisite masterpiece.

When she doesn't design, she'll go travelling to interact with new people, cultures and to power up her creative soul.


We like DESIGN to be visually powerful, intellectually elegant, and above all timeless.


→ 1. We break patterns.

We thrive on strong ideas that challenge conventions and leave an everlasting impact. Prepare to see your vision come to life in ways you've never imagined.


→ 2. We focus on modernity.

Design is our playground, and we revel in exploring the realm where modernity and classic canons intertwine. Witness the perfect fusion of innovation and timelessness in every stroke of creativity.


→ 3. We have clear rules of cooperation.

Our success lies in truly understanding our clients, and delving into their needs and desires. With this intimate knowledge, we create designs that mirror your dreams, rather than imposing ours upon you.



Welcome to our vibrant world of design passion. Let's embark on this remarkable journey together, turning your ideas into exceptional realities that leave a lasting legacy. Get in touch with us, and let the transformation begin!

Our superpower is → Graphic Communication — Brand Identity — Website & E-commerce Design and Development — Logo — Brochures & Catalogues —  Branding & Rebranding —  Mobile Applications — Business Stationery —  Design for Print — Exhibition Design — CGI (Computer Generated Images) — Branded Packaging Design — Marketing Materials — Art Direction

excellence is a key

Why Us

Professional at every stageof the project

Professional at every stage
of the project

We're not just a team of passionate designers; most importantly, we are professionals in the field. It is thanks to our expertise and experience that we successfully implement even the most demanding projects.

Addictedto creativity

to creativity

Creating innovative, unique, and cutting-edge projects that exceed expectations is our superpower. We overflow with visually powerful ideas that leave lasting impressions.

Naturally bornto design

Naturally born
to design

Graphic design goes beyond mere visual elegance; it also embraces functionality. We take pride in crafting smart, user-friendly solutions that strive for perfection and are customized to overcome any challenges.

Let's build something amazing together!

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