Silesia Farm


185+ independent pharmacies in the network, 140+ collaborating manufacturers, 10+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical market, and 1st place according to the IQVIA ranking.

Silesia Farm stands as a unique entity, bridging the world of independent pharmacies and esteemed pharmaceutical manufacturers. It ensures swift deliveries of a diverse range of medicines and dermocosmetics to its customers. Our project encompassed the creation of logo, a contemporary

website, and a functional visual brand identity. Meticulously chosen color palettes, typography, iconography, and thoughtfully curated images come together to breathe new life into the brand, presenting a cohesive image that resonates deeply within the pharmaceutical sector.

"A highly professional company with exceptional post-sales support. Communication with Studio Contrast is top-notch. The company fulfills every entrusted task with dedication. Highly recommended!"


— S. Strychalski, Silesia Farm

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