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Humanity in Action Poland Foundation presents "Step into History! Take the Challenge". A mobile application project aimed at educating about National Socialism, World War II, and the Holocaust.

Humanity in Action is an internationally recognized foundation committed to upholding human rights, democracy, civil society, and multiculturalism. Their collaboration with the "11 STEPS" mobile application project aimed to rekindle the memory of often-forgotten or less prominent individuals who, amid World War II, valiantly safeguarded human dignity and rights, courageously opposing violence and injustice.

Our role encompassed crafting an exclusive visual concept for the application that seamlessly intertwined all 11 narratives in a manner both modern and captivating to the app's youthful users. Striking a balance between creativity and reverence for the project's complex subject matter, we utilized historical images of these heroes, intricately collaged to infuse a contemporary essence.

"Magdalena has designed great graphics for our 10 STAGES mobile app. I highly recommend cooperating with Studio Contrast!"

— L.Michalska, Project Maganer at Humanity in Action

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